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A magical evening of entertainment

Wedding Magic
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Christina Pav Wedding Magic

Hiring a magician or entertainment for your event separately will cost you a couple hundred dollars; package in a professional magician with your DJ! Whether you're celebrating a Wedding, an Anniversary, or a big Birthday Bash, magic is the perfect way to make your event amazing and memorable! Mike goes from table to table or group to group performing and giving all the guests a chance to see and be part of some amazing magic, and that's something none of them will quickly forget! Mike also does bigger stage shows, and can provide anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour of solid, funny and mind-blowing magic, incorporating the guests as assistants; even tricks that make YOU the magician! Magic Mike has performed for hundreds of weddings, festivals, corporate events, birthday's, and summer camps, and has great experience working with big crowds of people. Together, Mike and the guests will predict the future, read each other's minds, and do things your guests will swear is impossible (and hilarious). If you want to create a lasting impression at your next event, hiring Magic Mike is the way to go! *This add-on starts at $250 if not part of wedding package* 1 hour of walk-around magic - $100 (+ $60 every additional hour) 15-60 minute stage show - $60-$120

elevate your event


name in lights custom monogram

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If there is one touch that really wows people, it's a monogram projection. Wedding guests are always amazed when they walk into a room and see the bride and grooms name or initials shining in light; coupled with up-lighting and animation, the effect can be quite dramatic. DJ Magic Mike uses a state-of-the-art gobo projector that is easy to see in the brightest rooms, and looks especially amazing during your first dance and evening party. You can also get unique with cool animations and visuals, to create an eye-catching moving theme on the wall, or fun moving visuals during the dance. You will be provided with many templates, fonts, designs, and accents to create the perfect monogram that’s uniquely yours. Custom monogram design & projection - $140 Custom animated monogram design & projection - $210 + 2 uplights - included (Up-lights on either side of the monogram accentuate the look and help hide any borders of the projector image)

dancing on the clouds


Make your first dance a unique memorable experience that will produce amazing pictures! DJ Magic Mike will provide a professional dry ice effect machine along with a trained assistant, to lower dry ice into very hot water just as your first dance starts, creating a blanket of clouds on the ground for you to dance in. 12 pounds of dry ice is included and picked up the morning of the event, which is enough for an effect that lasts about 4-6 minutes. There is no moisture left on the floor afterwards and no fog left in the air. This does not set off any smoke or fire detectors. Dry ice machine, assistant and 12 pounds of dry ice - $285

ambient wall up-lighting


Up-lighting is casting a light up a wall or column, to create a magical background and give any room an ambient glow. The lighting can be set stationary on one color or slowly scroll through multiple colors. For a fraction of the cost of extra flowers, centerpieces, or other types of decorations, you can add the elegance of light to your wedding. Up-lights not only create a nice mood and atmosphere during the dinner and dance, but they also allow your flowers and other decorations to shine later on in the evening, and they look great in photo’s. Up-lighting is the most affordable way dress up and transform a regular room into something extravagant. DJ Magic Mike’s LED up-lights can be any color you choose, and bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event. Up-lighting adds depth and a personal touch to your event by painting your room with light. Since the up-lights are controlled from a computer via Wi-Fi, they can also change colors with the beat of the music in coordination with the dance floor lighting when your guests start dancing. 4 up-lights in any colour/sequence - $60 8 up-lights in any colour/sequence -$80


make it a nightclub

Image by Drew Beamer

Nightclub Lights

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If you’re looking to create that nightclub feel on the dancefloor, these lights are for you! The 8 LED up-lights, laser projector and semi-intelligent light are fully controlled by DJ Magic Mike to strobe, flash, blackout, and move to the beat of the music, creating a lively dance floor space. The lights can be programmed to specific colours, including blacklight effects, and fill the dancefloor with nightclub styled lighting. 2 t-bars with 8 powerful LED up-lights, 1 laser projector and 1 semi-intelligent light - $80


High Velocity Vertical Fog Machine


This is easily the coolest effect to hype up the dancefloor! These machines combine a very bright multiple colour LED light with the client’s choice of quickly dissipating fog that doesn’t stick around, or slow dissipating fog that hangs in the air longer. This can be used to create huge energetic peak moments during the dance, or a big grand entrance for the wedding party. The machine can be oriented to shoot up like a geyser for a dazzling display of smoke and colour, horizontally into the crowd, or even diagonally just above the crowd or wedding party. The lingering smoke accentuates any lights during the dance and together create stunning beams of light through the air. This is a huge hit for crowds with high energy! (wireless remote available to client - trigger the fog machines yourself anytime through-out the dance!) 1 Fog Fury Jett Machine and included fog fluid - $35 2 Fog Fury Jett Machines and included fog fluid - $55

nightclub sound


If you have a much larger crowd and want to make sure the music can be felt all the way to the back, or you’re looking to get that extra bass to make the dancefloor feel like a nightclub, a subwoofer will deliver the low end you need to truly feel the music. 15-inch Bass Subwoofer - $45 (increased bass that you can feel) Extra 12-inch Speaker - $45 (this speaker matches the speakers in the main DJ setup)

nightclub package


(save $50)


Get the full Nightclub Package and save! These are the best lights, sounds, and visuals you can have for the dancefloor; bring your guests the full VIP club experience! Nightclub Lights, Nightclub Bass Subwoofer, 2 Fog Fury Jett Machine's and included fog fluid - $120


Image by Drew Beamer



A high-end projector with 5000 Lumens and 300,000:1 contrast ratio, means the crispest image that can be easily seen in the brightest of rooms, outside in daylight, and on any wall surface. Project a slideshow of sentimental and fun photos for the guests to enjoy during the reception, or play special video’s, connected to the main sound system for loud, clear audio. Do you have a lot of kids at the wedding? Create a ‘Kid Zone’ with movies playing the whole night! DJ Magic Mike can also coordinate with the photographer/videographer to play a same-day edit depicting all the major highlights of the day. Get your guests involved! DJ Magic Mike can set up a GoPro projecting a live stream of the dancefloor - allowing guests to watch the dancefloor in real-time and interact with the projection. Projector, stand & laptop for media (reception only) - $75 Projector, stand & laptop for media (full event) - $115 + 150-inch screen - $30 + speaker for kid zone area - $40



Does your event have 2 hosts, special performances, or games that require an extra microphone? DJ Magic Mike has top-of-the-line wireless microphones to accommodate any bigger events. (Wedding package comes with 1 wireless microphone already provided for speeches) 1 extra wireless microphone, mic stand & mixer - $30 Multiple wired microphones and instrument microphones available, please inquire



Karaoke can be the perfect entertainment for your event, whether that be a birthday, party or even a wedding, with DJ Magic Mike keeping everybody singing, dancing, laughing and having fun. When the guests aren’t singing, DJ Magic Mike keeps the good vibes going by DJ’ing and encouraging the crowd. The karaoke package includes a screen to display lyrics, 2 wireless microphones, and over 125,000 karaoke tracks that are updated regularly. Karaoke Package with display monitor, 2 wireless microphones & stands - $100 Extra wired microphones & stands - $15 each

Wedding Car - 1962 Cadillac Sedan DeVille


Being picked up from your home and arriving at the church, town hall or licensed wedding venue in an exclusive chauffeur driven wedding car is something everyone should treat themselves to on their special day. Your guests will love seeing you accompanied by a glamorous 1962 Cadillac Sedan DeVille complete with a stylish chauffeur. Contact Michael Pacitti -

recommended vendors

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Vendor’s that are highly recommended by and work well with DJ Magic Mike

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Having a professional public speaker and ordained Metaphysical minister host your ceremony and reception elevates your event to an unforgettable evening. Imagine having an MC who has taken the time to know you well enough to marry you, is now going to continue your story through your reception as well! With eight years of experience in the wedding industry and well over 20 years as a performer and public speaker, you will be in fantastic hands with Aaron officiating your wedding ceremony, or hosting your event. Contact -

True Ceremonies - Reverend Aaron


Officiant, Master of Ceremonies

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Carmen Tan is a big believer of celebrating milestones with the people you love. Carmen offers special events planning and wedding coordination to clients in the Toronto Surrounding Area. If you are looking for a stress-free event day, contact Carmen to consult and see what she can do! Contact -

Carmen Tan Weddings & Events


Wedding & Event Planner

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