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Diana & Kyle 

Married on 05/05/23

First and foremost we just want to say THANK YOU to Michael for being an amazing DJ and magician at our wedding this past weekend! We wanted a DJ who could read the crowd and play some bangers for us to keep the party going! Michael did not disappoint and he kept the crowd dancing all night long and even witnessed a few wild moments! From the dry ice, customized monogram, lighting effects, stage magic and music, our guests were entertained all night long and the compliments kept pouring in telling us that this was one of the most fun and entertaining weddings they've been to! Michael was very helpful and listened to our requests in terms of what we wanted to hear on the dance floor! So if you're looking for someone who is fun, keeps up with new trends, and knows how to read a crowd then Michael is your guy! He was very easy and pleasant to work with, and he even helped us with our grand entrance music by remixing some songs together for us :)! We can't thank you enough for making our big day so special! We will definitely be reaching out again if we ever need a DJ for any event!
Diana & Kyle


True Ceremonies - Reverend Aaron Milic

officiant, master of ceremonies

Aaron at front.jpg

I have been in the wedding industry as a DJ for seven years and have the lion's share of reviews with Impact DJ (Wedding Wire Reviews).  I have since retired and am now ordained as a minister to perform ceremonies.  When I made this choice to retire, I still had several bookings as a DJ to take care of and I gave all of that business to the one guy I trusted to nail it, night after night, and that's Magic Mike.  The first time I met Mike, he first blew me away with his magic and then he blew me away with his DJ'ing.  As a professor of music production, he not only knows what sounds good and how to twirl the filters and mix like a pro but also how to use musical energy to keep guests on the floor.  We just did our first show together, where I was the officiant and MC and he was the DJ.  He turned the bride's very last minute request of starting with just a few seconds of one song into one of the highest energy starts to a dance I've ever seen.  It got everyone on the floor immediately and for long stretches of time, no one was at the bar... they were on the dance floor!  For us veterans, we know how absolutely rare that is.  His mixing is seamless and you can't tell where one song starts and another ends as he takes you on his musical journey.  He also cares about his clients and wants everyone to have a good time.  He "gets" it.  He says he learned from me, if so, then that is one of the highest compliments I've ever received as he is the best I've seen.  All I can say about his magic is, my wife hates magic, but she likes his magic.  Trust me when I say, there is no higher compliment.  Hire this man!  As your DJ, MC, magician, or all three!


natalie & luke calberry

Married on 02/10/21

Screenshot 2023-01-31 02.07.10.jpg

Honestly the best DJ !!! Michael knows exactly what to play and when to play it. He can read the crowd so well and the whole night he had people on the dancefloor. It's been a week since the wedding and people are still messaging me and asking about DJ Magic Mike. My sister even said if she could do her wedding over again she would choose DJ Magic Mike as her DJ. The DJ not only played the best songs but also made his own mash-ups. The crowd went wild when he started mixing the ABBA. When the magic started, that's when the guests really got excited! My sister and her husband were going insane. Even our parents friends were so interested in it and they said it was such a fun thing to do!! I have never witnessed a better DJ at an event and I will be telling everyone to use him at their events!! We thank you so much for making our wedding into the party of our dreams!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Mary Elizabeth & Ronnie Rowsell 

Married on 23/09/22


Mike, we can't thank you enough. The wedding celebration was like nothing I've been to, and was definitely the best party I've ever thrown, because everyone danced all night long! The music was far fantastic and we couldn't get over how everyone got out on the dance floor! It was just the perfect night and you were a big part of that, so thank you! When we get the video back, I will definitely be posting and promoting you!

 - Cathy, Mother of the Bride


Grace & Gavez Smith

Married on 01/06/24


We're truly grateful to DJ Mike for handling all our music on our wedding day. It was a breeze to coordinate with the online planning tools, and everything happened magically according to plan. DJ Mike came to the rescue when one of our reception games required audio from a tablet, and it was a highlight of the evening that united the guests. Our guests stayed on the dance floor until the last song. Thank you for being a part of our wedding and making it so lively and entertaining.


Ella & Bruno Besler

Married on 03/09/19


We searched ALL over for a Polish DJ that was able to speak Polish as well and was able to play the top Polish hits and different genres of music to satisfy a varying crowd. We were so lucky to have found DJ Magic Mike (although we were informed that he is able to play all different cultures of music through his impressive database of music). Mike was able to understand the crowd and play to their likes. Our venue told us that they have never seen so many people on the dance floor so early into the evening. They were impressed! Mike played the songs that we chose on our playlist and even took on requests from our guests. He was always pleasant and easy-going. It was really nice to see everyone getting up and dancing and the dance floor being busy all the time. We highly recommend DJ Magic Mike for your next event!


natalia & Marcin magolon

married on 06/08/22


We met Michael through various events in the Polish community and knew that he would be a great DJ choice for our wedding as we wanted to ensure a good mix of Polish and English music that would actually work well together. Our friends also booked him a year before our wedding, and even though we had Michael booked already, the work he did at that wedding reconfirmed our excitement for choosing him.

Michael is extremely friendly and professional. Our communications prior to our wedding reception were easy and clear. As we got closer to our reception and finalizing the agenda, Michael offer suggestions for flow of the activities and song choices for some of the pieces we weren’t too sure about. 

Michael was engaging with our guests and changed up music choices to match the crowd throughout the evening. We thoroughly enjoyed his work. 

We would definitely recommend Michael for your DJ needs.




Chantel & Michael Nieleszeruk

Married on 24/07/21

Screenshot 2023-01-31 02.07.53.jpg

So thankful for Mike making the trek up to Goderich for our wedding. He was phenomenal, not only during our wedding, but leading up to it, as he was super patient with our emails/calls discussing the precise details I had for our wedding music. We are still getting comments about how fantastic he was, as our DJ and as our MC. He kept on schedule and interacted with our guests so well. We've already given out his info to some of our guests for future events. Couldn't recommend him enough!


adam & ania sobkowicz

Married on 30/07/22


Ania and I just wanted to reach out and thank you for making our wedding day super fun and entertaining. We wanted to pass along that everyone (including kids, our friends, parents and grandparents) loved the music! We're sure it is not easy to cater to all audiences and ages but you definitely nailed it so we are very grateful. We passed along your contact to a few people including the hall manager.

Thanks again for keeping the dance floor busy late into the night, you were awesome!

Thank you for the music ;)

Hopefully see you at another wedding or zabawa.

matthew & victoria Thompson

Married on 17/07/21


DJ Magic Mike was the DJ for our wedding on July 17. 2021 in Toronto. He was a perfect fit for us as we had many Polish guests at our wedding and he is Polish Canadian. In our initial planning session with Mike, we were not expecting to be allowed to dance due to Ontario's Stage 2 restrictions. A few days before our wedding, an announcement for Stage 3 was made which allowed us to have dancing. Mike did a great job of adapting to this change at the last minute. We didn't have time before the wedding to have another meeting to discuss the changes, but we trusted we were in good hands and he did not disappoint! He read the crowd all night and played the right music to keep everyone happy and engaged. Everyone was raving about how much fun they had! Thank you Mike!


nataly nippard

50th birthday party on 07/01/23


I was looking for a way to add some fun to my husband's 50th birthday. Magic Mike was a hit with everyone from young children to adults! His magic and tricks were thrilling, fun and jaw dropping!  We were left amazed with his entire show.  Many thanks to Mike for adding that extra level of fun and making the party one to remember!  Thanks again, Nataly

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Evan & Isabelle Cassidy
Married on 15/10/22

Photo 2019-10-11, 9 26 01 PM.png

Megan & Scott McDooling
Married on 05/10/19


krisztian & taylor kurucz

Married on 30/04/22


We hired DJ Michael aka Magic Mike as our DJ for our wedding in Toronto this past April. He is a very professional and skilled DJ, who was able to take our eclectic mix of 3 different types of music (Hungarian, Latin, and more mainstream) and create a vibrant dance floor that kept people dancing all the way until the venue closed. He was also very accommodating and adaptable, and was able to avoid playing any music we told him beforehand that we didn’t like, while playing basically all of the requested songs from the request list we provided him before the wedding, as well as the one he had on the day of. My only regret is that I did not get to see him perform any magic, apart from his magical DJing on the night of.

Chris & Nicole D-Souza

Married on 07/08/21


Just wanted to say thank you so much for a great time at our wedding on Saturday. You really kept the party going, and the cues were amazing. We received so many compliments throughout the night and the next day about the music and skill set.

Nicole and I just sent you a little something as a token of appreciation. 

Again thank you for making our night memorable. You killed it!

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Shannon & Craig

Married on 27/07/19


Great experience!
Working with Impact DJ was amazing from the very beginning to the end. They are extremely professional, prompt and have a great demeanor. Mike played at our wedding at Waupoos Winery in PEC and kept the guests on the dance floor all night. He was amazing.

Vanessa - MCC Moore Carlyle Consulting

Hockey Hall of Fame


Thank you so much for everything! Mike was fantastic and the group had an amazing time!! I couldn't have asked for a better DJ!


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